August 2, 2016

current/elliot tee | paige jacket + denim | golden goose sneakers | illesteva shades | chloé handbag


  1. Hi Ivana.
    I must say I find your page, filled with beautiful photos of yourself, and a good sense of style... I must question though, where does your energy come from when you post and make a strong statement about a "style your diggin" of the golden goose sneakers that are "distressed" for $260??
    Is this seriously a new thing? People who can spend nearly $300 on a pair of sneakers, inspired by a style trend stolen from the original trend setters and leaders of the alternative and grunge era from the 80's-90's... You can get an amazing pair of Chuck Taylor's (Converse) and use them as stomping shoes, wear them nearly everyday and get the same effect. You are not fully understanding the original style you are copying here. Alternative and grunge had distressed and holey clothes because they wore them regularly, nearly everyday because of functionality, and to represent I don't need new shiny clothes to wear everyday, I get by just fine with a small amount of clothes I wear regularly.
    So next time you try to represent a style trend, maybe you should do your research and really understand what the roots of that particular style is saying, and don't slander it with your false representation.
    I must end this with some apology, but in some ways not... I don't want this to offend you and come off mean, I would like fashion bloggers to have a better idea of what image they are putting off -most importantly- for the young teenage girls out there, who might not have $260 for a pair of sneakers. Thank you for your time and consideration.